1 die 1 lyrics – brotha lynch hung

die, like the ones before you
one by one we will take you
aaahhhhhhggh… you will die
(f*ck it… psychological)
siccmade music comin up out yo seat
catch the reeper night crawler creeper
dig a ditch get a b*tch n*gg* dig a ditch deeper
i’mma take yo head with this street sweeper
leave yo brains on yo speaker
do the b*tches i’mma get real hostle
get the signal model in stroddle
smash down on the throddle
more scratch than lucky luciano
serve more m*th* f*ckas than gronnup
creep up on ya like dunnup
send on to ya forehead and then like they said i fled
cause i’m the type of n*gg* that’ll leave a horse head in ya bed
take ya wife rape her no caper
tie the b*tch to the bed
don’t push me cause i’m close to the edge
real lunatic and sicc-fed
and thats some sentimental sh*t
i just might drip cream from my d*ck
smirnoff gin mix with o.e. i’m hard and wet
o.e. kept tellin’ me no
but this smirnoff gin kept tellin’ me yes
throw yo hands over yo eyes
as yo thoughts intensify yo will (die!)
(first degree the de)
greetings… have a seat…
let me be the first to actually greet you to the bas*m*nt
we’ve heard you’ve been busy
ahaha we’ve heard you’ve been busy
we’ve learn from above that you’ve been
doin’ a little bit of this
doin’ a little bit of that
stealing peoples scratch
we don’t think its fair!
when we found you you were nothing
now you are our nothing
is there room for unrest
i’m wes craven on paper
so plug yo p*ssy clips
cause i get sicker than a sifilous d*ck
and yo mama won’t like my sh*t n*gg*
admit if you was sittin up in yo room hi
loaded up in yo tape deck ready to write yo tape next
razor blade and alcohol swarzan*gg* ceremonial ripsneck
then i write my sh*t next
so feel yo insides and yo intestins when you mix me wit
the wisky tell’em situation risky wit a nailgun through
i got this endo suckin me dry
i got this sl*t b*tch suckin me dry
bout to wet the bed up
it was the perfect setup
bl**dy sheets (bl**dy sheets)
i got this endo suckin me dry
i got this sl*t b*tch suckin me dry
it was the perfect setup
bout to wet the bed up
thats my name don’t wear it out
you don’t know about my whereabouts

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