1000 arms lyrics – mindset

1000 arems trying to pull me under…
as i struggle to breath
it makes me wonder just how long i can stay afloat.

a constant struggle just to keep my head dry,
but i know i have to try
and i know i cant lose hope.

so much weight upon my shoulders i feel like i could
it takes everything ive got just to keep from going down.
failure is not an option
im in this till the end
and it’ll take more than what you’ve got to me f*cking
ive got what it takes to see this whole thing through
and the way i go about my life has nothing to do with
i know who i am and the person i can be
and if i hold fast to what that means theres nothing i
cant achieve.
if you let one arm take hold
the rest arent far behind.
when they control whats in your heart
they control whats in your mind.
and no matter how rough the waters get
i’ll never compromise these standards that ive set.

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