10000 years ago lyrics – soulitude

landed in a place that i don’t even know
i’m confused about what’s going on

loneliness my only friend i’m lost
in a planet far away from home

frozen in a capsule for so many years
launched into sp*ce forevermore

suddenly i can remember you
all memories come to my mind
my heart pounded when i realized
you died 10.000 years ago.

i’m alone in this world made of soil and rocks
oxygen and food until i die

got a picture in my mind of you
a sudden grief surrounds me now.
the i realized that you died
you died 10.000 years ago.

condemned to live branded and exiled
in this desert land for the rest of my life

family and friends lay in the past
everything i loved is already gone
then i realized i really died
i died 10.000 years ago

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