1:40 am lyrics – shadowgarden

one burning winter night,
i saw the world through a different light
euphoria she smiled at me and took me by the hand
connected through drunken ties,
bent out of shape just to kill some time
we’re losing ground as we speak,
we better walk away

i didn’t mean to be the one,
but i can’t make up my mind

we’re moving down, down, down
as your hands slip into mine
and without a sound
the world comes crashing down
we pray to the moon, to keep our secret
i won’t forget the time, we walked into the light

yet another cross to bear,
i didn’t think i’d really care
with the noose tight around my neck,
i struggle to survive
and every time i disapear
into drunken pastures of dispair
i searched the light that we once shared,
though my heart says walk away

with no time left to spend
at 1: 40 am

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