15 years lyrics – exploited

running around in circles
always trying to please you
i just wanted you to see
my life had meaning and
i was doing something real
i tried explaining
but it fell upon deaf ears
so many years have p*ssed, and you
you donæ?° know who i am
iæ?¦ still caught up in that phase
did i really throw my life away
how can you look me in the eye
and say youæ?®e proud
when you know itæ?¯ all a lie
15 years
do you know how they were spent
so far from wasted
but you just donæ?° get it
face to face
without a thing to say
whatæ?¯ the point when it wonæ?° ever change
time and time again
i blame myself
never good enough
i was never good enough for you
but now i know who i am
even though you never cared
iæ?¦ better off just standing on my own

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