1984 lyrics – anais mitchell

down at headquarters
there’s a big database
with black and white photos
of the side of your beautiful face
and your library records
and all your test scores
and an invitation to party
like it’s 1984

baby don’t look so nervous
they just want the facts
and it’s all written out in the
usa patriot act
cause we don’t take no chances
in a nation at war
so tonight we’re gonna party
like it’s 1984

oh baby what did i tell you
about the house being bugged
they can hear us making breakfast
they can hear us making love
excuse me a minute
big brother’s at the door
and he’s ready to party
like it’s 1984

you know you’re my one and only
you always have been
sure is gonna be lonely
after i turn you in
so i’ll wait till tomorrow
to file my report
and tonight we can party
oh tonight we’re gonna party
yeah tonight we can party
like it’s 1984

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