2 dollahoe lyrics – esham


i know this b*tch who like to suck on d*ck
i call the hoe magic cause she’s a trick
now this b*tch i knew f*cked my buddy
even though the p*ssy was wet and bl**dy
i never ever once thought about f*ckin the hoe
it seems like a d*ck always stuck in the hoe
she’s an undercover freak, like a n*gg* and his thang
payin top dollar just to pop that thang
oh no, the b*tch got a fatal disease
she can’t keep d*ck out her ovaries
she like a n*gg* with money just a project hoe
how many d*cks can one hoe blow? i think i seen her after church suckin on the preacher’s d*ck
every sunday night, gettin two dollar licks
see b*tches ain’t sh*t on planet earth
make your b*lls turn blue like papa smurf
and if you b*tches don’t know i’m tellin you so
and if you givin up the p*ssy like that, you just a 2 dolla hoe


what do we get for ten dollars
a two-dolla hoe
b*tch don’t front you just a two-dolla hoe 6x


b*tch so saditty, actin all pretty
n*gg*s don’t know bloods comin out your t*tties
now i respect hoes that respect they self
but i can’t f*ck p*ssy that’s bad for my health
just like jackie, b*tch so tacky
hit her with the kriss kross call me daddy mackie
it’s alot hoes out there playin dike
b*tch, i ain’t goin out like mike
better raise up off these nuts and get a grip
cause in the 9-4, b*tch don’t trip
two-dolla, can’t holla straight checkin a hoe
and i don’t give a f*ck about respectin a hoe
cause if you a dog, you gon bone
f*ck that p*ssy then leave it alone
and if you a hoe, you gon follow
d*cks and nuts and learn to swallow

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