27 shots lyrics – kool keith

[kool keith]
they try to say california is plastic
i think new york got the most plastic n*gg*z too
f*ck all you n*gg*z comin out to the soul train awards
with them pop *ss headsets – around your ears like britney spears
that’s some old bobby brown and new edition sh*t
that’s some old real michael jackson sh*t
i’m comin with crazy vic
let me hear you tryin to copy my sh*t

f*ck the impact eventually
cause there’s a lot of corny n*gg*z performin out there
fat stomachs, make-up and eye glare
what the f*ck do i care?
n*gg*z with they *ss out
groupies in cheap motels tryin to f*ck and crash out
motherf*ckers ain’t networkin
strippers checkin in – motherf*ckers on motorcycles
pickup trucks with license plates on ’em
bringin mad sh*t from down south
big after-parties i’ma turn my phone off
i don’t wanna shake hands, meet no-f*ckin-body, arrogant b*st*rd
no commercial sh*t, break your neck, suck my d*ck in the world
f*ck the critics everything i make is a hit
f*ck you applehead motherf*ckers tryin to make some old
carribean mixed with that trinity keyboard sh*t
hip-hop sh*t, that’s some old broadway musical sh*t
i don’t even listen to that cartoon sh*t
tell your a&r and his wife to get out my f*ckin life

27 shots! {*blam blam blam*}
27 shots! {*blam blam blam*}
27 shots! {*blam*}

shut up; listen to my sh*t cause yo’ c*ssette single is gay
writin that bullsh*t i hear on the radio by these h*m* n*gg*z everyday
b*tter soft sissy sh*t
i got the real tell it like it is p*ssy sh*t
yo’ sh*t is some fake-*ss gorilla code sh*t
white suits mansion yachts scared-*ss n*gg*
doin videos buyin models on some boat sh*t
i tell you straight g i can’t f*ck with it
girls still messin with you; your sh*t is wack
any b*tch in they right mind shouldn’t have s*x wit you
rusty n*gg* that don’t use soap
i f*ck around, and p*ss all over your leather f*ggot-*ss trenchcoat
don’t ever act hardcore
youse a suburban n*gg*, you get serviced n*gg*
you never even been in a f*ckin street fight
look at your old photo alb*m pictures – youse a bunch of hype
kiss my *ss, n*body picked up the f*ckin mic
untalented b*tch like you some wild *ss
inner-city kid from the projects – who’s next?

27 shots! {*blam blam blam*}
27 shots! {*blam blam blam*}
27 shots!{*blam*}

then i really disrespect all production out there
that bullsh*t n*gg*z programmin, f*ck johnny hammond
sonny st*tch, that sh*t ain’t gettin you rich
just a packed crowd, low b*tches, a bunch of f*ckin d*cks
i’d rather see some *ss, a nice club with a fat *ss
and all you motherf*ckers actin like you jamaican
american to the core, copyin that sh*t on tour
y’all n*gg*z be against speakers with your ears sore
stank *ss boots with no socks on, f*ckin up the dancefloor
since when you ate codfish and meat patties?
i got cousins with jheri curls in caddies

27 shots! {*blam blam blam*}
27 shots! {*blam blam blam*}
27 shots!{*blam blam blam*}

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