7 slits a dry kiss lyrics – after the eulogy

cyber words are spoken
angelic thoughts broken
this is the last time
i will give my self to you
this black
my black heart
why do i give myself to you
to degrade my meaning
yo know ive seen you fall for this
fallen for yo this it
i will never forget you
ive been pushing
pushing away
every-time that i try to change the way we were
this should be the last time that i let you
comfort me with your dry kiss
ive held you tight wishing for the best
to receive nothing in exchange for all that i can give
yet this light burns everyday
yo and i are made for each-other
cant you see it
why cant we see that were perfect for each-other
i will always love you in my heart
i will always hold you
i hold you for now
for eternity
till the end
for now

/ after the eulogy lyrics