89 days of alcatraz lyrics – emm gryner

you left a good drug on my tongue
and i know and i know and i know
i should write about the dizziness
’cause i can’t talk to the constellation
like i want and i want yeah i want
’cause i know too well what’s good for me
you just dropped your bomb
like blood on tuesday night
like everyone else you found a pretty face
and you’re all set for life
hey i’ll always wish i was with you
hurt me you can’t kill me whatever you wanna do
hey i’ll always wish i had your hand
it would take away the acid if i thought you’d understand
but i don’t think you’d understand
you say it happened like the movies
yeah in a shot in a shot yeah you got
all the things you were looking for
i got enough indigo to wash away my heart
no you gotta keep me on this side of the great wide sea
now i think i might get myself all 1967 on you
run screaming to the balcony
but i can’t do that can’t do
i gotta keep my good composure
and swallow everything i want to say

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