a burial at ornans lyrics – disembowelment

you, wander through the fields,
your, sorrow as i advocate the depression,
stumble into the hardened earth
and become engulfed by the seeds of plague,
the sky submits to the colour purple,
descending from above,
the holy ghost, does their saviour seem holy?
a black spectre is sent downwards instead,
lowered downwards into d*mned soil,
peasants mourn their own plagued death,
the shephard of the unwanted valley,
turning black and purple,
his spirit bows down,
dark waters streaming down a precipice,
among the sheep mists arises slowly,
the land is burned by the beggars,
ornans-a place of fear and disease,
burial-no requiem shall take place,
eclipse of the sky as impurity casts,
no requie, no return,
peasants mourn their own plagued death

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