a century ends lyrics – david gray

cast your eyes into the distance
try to focus on it all
find a spirit of resistance
instead of pride before the fall

forge some opposition
from disparate strands
it ain’t the prettiest position
as a century ends

unstable situation
faces made of wax
streams of melting gl*ss
sheets of butchered facts

the roar of the machine
hooded hearts and jeweled hands, oh
and anger spilling out like gasoline
as a century ends

and everythin’ i seen, everythin’ that i heard
ain’t even the tip of the iceberg
fire down memory lane
so p*ss me my rose tinted gl*sses again

through a fog of contradiction
out to the lake of tears
see society admiring its own reflection
chase a light that shine and disappears

and be careful what you say
‘cos reality offends
just sit back and let your soul decay
as a century ends

and it’s easy to get weary
as you fight to get it done
against a popular theory
that it’s over, before it’s even begun

strain the limit of comp*ssion
tend a wound that never mends, oh
and honesty still out of fashion
as a century ends

as a century ends
as a century ends
as a century ends

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