a closing eye lyrics – desultory

fumbling in frustration, inside soul torn apart
feel the loss of paradise, leave an empty heart
closing eyes will shut out, the warm light of a life
grip is fading slowly, for each day p*ssing by

the soul is bleeding from th*rns inside
red blood is flowing in waves of tide

shades of lies are playing, on pale and stone cold face
eyes reflects comp*ssion, take the empty sp*ce
down on knees i’m weak, don’t turn your back on me
lips are full of lines, which only i can see

it hurts so bad, i cannot breathe
so lonely so lost, in misery

breathing a lie, i am denied

blindfold my eyes, i am to die

push away in anger, a disappointed mind
the streak of truth i seek, it touch so deep inside
illusions has been washed, away like grains of sand
in endless waves of sea, the sh*r* of unknown land

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