a dance with dragons lyrics – slice the cake

ensconced in this dangerous game
in which we play our roles so rapturously,
breathing flame upon the underlings
lest they let fly their voices of dissent,
we shall stomp down with vigor this civil unrest.

and we shall tear
and we shall gnaw at them
and we shall breathe smoke
’til there’s nothing left but ashes.

who do they think they are? a voice of reason in the
their treasonous words poison and burn everything they
through their dominance they destroy our world
castrate our futures and subjugate our homes

we shall indulge no more
in this dance with dragons

they know not what they do.
they’d live in p*ss and sh*t if it weren’t for us, it’s
yet they have the gall to question our reign.
they need our guiding light to save them from

we shall indulge no more
in this dance with dragons

with fire and water we find the balance.

so we await the flood.
so we await the flames.
we take peace in our duality, embrace our fall from
so we can rise again together like a phoenix from the
eternally in balance and beauty.

we shall indulge forever
in this dance with dragons.

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