a dose of our lives lyrics – forgotten hero

what do you think you know about me?
i’ll tell you nothing really.
don’t try and get inside my head.
you’d be, better off dead.
i don’t care what you say about me.
don’t waste your time to judge me.
i only listen to myself,
don’t want to, be somebody else.

this is my life, welcome to it.
don’t care what you say about it.
this is how i want to live my life,
don’t care if you think it will suffice.

feel free to judge our music,
you don’t have to listen to it.
it’s what i like and what i do
it’s up to me, not up to you.
to us it’s just fun and games
when did we say we hoped for fame?
we do this because we love it,
so take your opinion and shove it.

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