a feast lyrics – nekrogoblikon

barreling through sp*ce in their m*ssive sp*ceships,
cheers are ringing out in the feasting hall.
human skulls are thrown on a giant table,
goblins like to smash them against the walls.

hey! get up! it’s time to party with the horde,
bring! your friends! we’ll eat them too.
hey! wake up! oh wait you’re not breathing anymore,
hey! you’re dead! you’ll be part of our stew.

hey! hey! goblins singing through the night
hey! hey! goblins sing!
hey! hey! goblins rage in drunken fights!
hey! hey! goblins rage!

grabbing bl**dy skulls for his grim collection,
the king is walking through his loyal horde.
savoring the battles fought against the humans,
galactic goblin domination is now restored.

there’s no such thing as morning
in the cold expanse of sp*ce,
especially for the drunken goblin
murderous grin upon his crafty face.
shoving priceless human relics
into a dingy little case,
hauling *ss to goblin island
now that the earth has been erased!

eat the humans! eat the humans!
goblins chant and fan the flames.
roasting eyeb*lls in the furnace,
screaming babies writhe in pain!
blast the engines! let’s go faster!
count the tons of human meat.
hauling *ss to goblin island,
celebrate mankind’s defeat!

eat… yes, we’ll eat them!
all of them.
tonight we feast.
faster, smarter, goblins are f*cking drunk.
because this is a f*cking feast

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