a frame of mind lyrics – illdisposed

as the man i am, i dislike
more purities and feelings send
into the extacy i hate
n*body controls me
maybe it’s because n*body wants to

they watch the terror
in a maze full of gray we shall rest
incomplete, fictive mirror
enchanting the way, i do at my best

when a man disconnects, he will lie
a tale telling meyhem inquiries leading
the poor suckers brain
i’m one of those men
but hey then again: who’s to say

grey is coming, a broken frame

on the cross, my mirror
unattended my body decays
a future loss, aching nearer
soon i’ll meet the boss

[the band is talking:]
– der var et eller andet, jeg syntes der var et eller andet
jeg spillede helt ved siden af, jeg tunkte kun p� den dukke der
– tihi
– jeg syn… lagde du ikke mâ�¦rke til hvor mange riffs jeg
spillede forkert?
– jojo

[which translates to something like:]

[- there was something, i thought there was something about… i
[playing all wrong… i was only thinking about that doll, you
[- (laughing) teehee]
[- i thin… didn’t you notice how many riffs i played wrong?]
[- yeah, sure]

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