a funny man lyrics – donovan

one day a funny kind of man
came walking down this street
he wore a shoe upon his head
and hats upon his feet,

he raised the shoe and smiled at me
his manners were polite
but never had i seen before
such a funny sounding sight

he said: «â allow me to present
your highness with a rose»
an taking out a current bun
he held it ti his nose

staggered back against the wall
and the i answered: «â well,
i never saw a rose with such
a funny looking smell».

he the began to sing a song
and sat down on the ground
you never heard in all yollur life
such a funny feeling sound

«â my friend, why do you wear
2 hats upon your feet?» i said
he turned the other way about
and hopped on his head.

(poem by natalie joan â ” music by donovan leitch)

guitar: f-c
f-c em/b


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