a house is not a home lyrics – charlatans uk

the simple cost of loving you is a better picture
there is not a sound coming from my voice
you want to listen to the kids [unverified]

they’re halos, soon to be divorced
and you’re a poor young factory boy
blowing on your trumpet
with a home on the back of your horse

oh, this is a separation
i can’t believe this is the end
i don’t want to talk about it
go tell it to your friend?

i live and i breathe with feeling
for anything i might have tried
at a point where i can touch her

everyday i wonder what’s going on in her heart
i couldn’t eat, sleep, find my feet
i think i used a little too much, force

come see me, you can heal me
turn your head back to the moon
you know you don’t have to act so quiet
this is a house not a home

i can’t do this anymore, i know it’s pointless
(like a witch)
i could never be yours
play to your better nature
we can talk about the old days

i can’t help it if you think i am odd
although our separation it is
to easy, i believe it’s your loss
the simple cost of needing you
is a part into the cause
on the street i can feel a sequel [unverified] a divorce

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