a limitation of infinity lyrics – i am hunger

i feel a disbelief of all the answers that i’ve got so
cause while becoming a man, i’m loosing the significance
of who i am.
it’s never been about devotion, it’s never been about
i fear that the sunlight won’t break through these clouds
of hatred.
it’s too late for change,
break me down.
haunting like h*ll as there’s someone to find,
there’s nothing but a gray-zone, we’re all alone.
so no one’s there to break your fall.
cause at the end of the line,
when the worlds collides,
we’re nothing but a blink of an eye.
carry me home, back to where i came from.
i think i’m better off left unborn,
take me back to where i came from.
forgotten and neglected, nothing but a prop in a scene.
acing for attention. to become a human being,
is nothing but a false dream,
a limitation of infinity.
a mutual function, sinking at the same speed.
and may we never rest in peace,
cause we brought this on ourselves.
by being ignorant and credulous,
placing our bets on beliefs.
putting our faith in higher grounds,
putting our faith in unfamiliar hands.

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