a mathilde lyrics – enochian crescent

[this is an unreleased, typical, and strong poem of the great beast.]
[and because of its inspiring, myopic, and carnal]
[message we decided to make it into this cruel song.]

a cruel love, to rend the h**ry veil
of cynic, hatred of mankind, and scorn
of all things virtuous, seeing there is born
within me now, with strange desire gone pale,
a newer sweetness in the nightingale,
till i see good again. thy love has torn
philosophy’s frail texture, and outworn
the sophist’s falsehood and the cynic’s tale.

a cruel love – i find in magdalene
seven angels with the seven devils wed!
i find true love where i had thought to find
a spirit to reflect my own obscene
and dead desire that scoffed at love – instead
love comes… we part… i perish… fate is blind!

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