a matter of honor lyrics – amboog-a-lard

a tear from a boy.
will he be proud to wave the flag one day?
(symbolism can’t convey)
a mother cries.
will she be able to fill her needs?
(patriotism cannot feed)

break through the shelter
of a rotten perfect earth.
a flower reached to the heavens
create a revolution
to bring back yesterday.
blossomed fool to lead the way.

you won’t let me live
you’d rather see me die
what am i worth to you?
another alibi.
so the story goes.
wll, i can see inside.
what are you worth to me?
my honor and my pride.

a slave to the system.
a wrench in the machine.
(forefathers forgotten)
rising in the distance.
from seeds of discontent we are born!

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