a mission undivine lyrics – loch vostok

the enemy structure
unveiling the truth
the core of humanity

almost unbelievable
how the blind leads the weak
against almost everything
jealously, lack of education

a challenge for all
to stop them at the door
the enemy’s at the gate

we tried being tolerant
we even tried to repair
but now we’ve had enough
get the f*ck out of here

to base your whole life
on a structure so weak and unbalanced
you’re set for failure
no matter who you are or who you know

a mission undivine
to kill the king and all disciples
a vision in my mind
of a different kind

corrupt and insane
a man she must obey
like cattle she’s in a cage

fake life and morality
come flee from your home
now denounce all the deities
and you’ll be trully free

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