a plague reborn lyrics – resist the thought

repugnant presence concealed within our immortal
inherit to the throne built of the loathsome truth that
we all harbor

our breed will manifest the means to abort any plans of
destructive minds combine to separate us from our own

dispose of those
who are ent*tled to
any means created by man
masquerader with intent to defile our fate

we will ensure your end is a heinous act
witnessed by the insurrectionists who contend

comp*ssion has no place in this realm
bereavement litters every street
with precedented perception of this world

agonizing sights repel the hope of a new dawn
from the blood of men who’ve fallen a messianic plague,

undignified promises projected from a past we once
called home
reminiscent of a time where the power had a soul

the reality of the un-const*tuted warfare
sp*wns from that of hate

how long will it take to conquer
our fear of our own termination?
manipulating everything in our power to overcome
synthetic ent*ties conflict with those who demand

a plague reborn

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