a saw lyrics – immer

heavy cancer eats your body, your prayers and demands
aren´t heard
hate sneakes into your mind, resistance for all helthy
ones – without any humility
all of them who don´t regard life, these who don´t know
how valuable the life is
they undergo the cruel fight, for their existence, the
war for their naked life

humility or fight, purification or death

the death game starts, rules are sharp as a saw
only the winner can survive, upsets can hear only „the
game ends“

humility or fight, death or salvation

everybody plays his game, measured to this nature
upget it is the sure death, to win it´s uncertain future
demands and crying can´t help, only the cool step and
or to sacrifice something, or to die

humility or fight, future or fall into oblivion

the time flies unstoppable, the clock ticks in the death
the toothed edge touches the body, the game ends!

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