a while in dreamland lyrics – gamma ray

i don’t mind
i don’t mind at all
i don’t mind to dream a while
i don’t mind at all

every night i’m only waiting,
for the bird of dreams in me
take me on your wings and guide me
just take me on a journey far away

i don’t mind to fly away to dreamland
the easy way out of a world so cold
i don’t mind to say goodbye to all i see around
only for a while

out in the dreamworld there’s a fortune
it’s only waiting to be found
i gaze around and i think this must be magic
’cause there’s no limit all around

i don’t mind to stay a while in dreamland
so come on now and take me up with you
if together we would fly for all eternity
i would not refuse

i had it all, i wouldn’t mind my friend
to say goodbye, i’m feeling free
to stay or leave is just an easy case
your wings will always comfort me

i don’t mind to stay a while in dreamland
a place to leave my sorrows far behind
together we will fly through heaven and through h*ll
to no man’s land, no man’s world

together we will fly for all eternity
only you and me
only you and me
on our way to our land of the free…

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