absolutely nothing lyrics – dead or alive

where are you when the sun goes down
and i need somebody that i can rely on?
where are you when i’m all alone
and i’m wanting a mattress, that i can lie on?
well i look for you most everywhere
and i’ve been tought about crawling away
but i’m gettign nowhere and you’re on the run so,
i’ve gotta ask you, i’ve gotta ask you

*what are you worth babe? nothing!
what do you give me? nothing! nothing!
what are you good points? nothing!
what am i left with, nothing, nothing!

well i’ve got detectives on the job and what do they come up with?
and i’ve torn down all of your secret walls and what do i find there?

(*repeat 2x)

** (i need) somebody, somebody, anybody’s body
(** repeat)

absolutely nothing!
i need somebody’s body
absolutley i need anybody’s body
i need anybody’s body
(continue with ad libs from this section)

what do you give me?

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