abyss revelations lyrics – ease of disgust

what do you feel falling into the darkest sleep?
so tell me what now, what would u if u feel could walk
through the sp*ces on the path made ​​of your dreams? all
of you chose the wrong path you’ll never see those that
verges i feel your eyes are blinded walleye covers your
faces d*mnation will never this end i do not need the
answer i know exactly it you see only shadows of yours
you have to pray to avoid this place which gives birth to
fear in your hearts and u will try to sleep again and
again with cold sweat on your faces and immersing in your
worlds i reject myself discovering my ego! i see
everything all the colors i did not forget your name the
time stops again and again it dominates my underself no
more summoning all the demons from the abyss i will give
all forbidden fruits of my life for the chance to touch
the great knowledge of dark matter how could ancestors
exchange this path and start to build the new world
around? you betrayed us you yourselves for the betrayed
sake of gold killing fear and infinite weakness are our ​​
legacy right now will remain only hatred inside us will
remain in our hearts.

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