acdc lyrics – anvil

c’mon, alright!

there’s more than one way to play the game
getting a charge, taking the blame
resistance is low, gonna blow a fuse
turn it up babe we got nothing to lose

ac – she’ll go either way
dc – she’ll blow you away
hot lover with a loose connection

thunder & lightning, electricity
she set me at peak intensity
she’s got me c*min’, got me going
shorted wires, circuits blowing

she’s ac/dc
she is ac/dc
she is ac/dc
yeah she is, ya know she is
let me show ya

signals just a comin’ through
you better look out baby
every word i hear

she is ac/dc
ya know she is ac/dc
she likes it both ways – ac/dc
oh let me tell ya – ac/dc
oh right now – ac/dc
oh yeah – ac/dc
she is ac/dc

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