act i: evince lyrics – white arms of athena

bring this forward to the world, i feel as if i must.
how are we supposed to ever love, if in our selves we
do not trust?
this trust i’m speaking of, it comes from within, so
that is where we must begin…

as i am writing this, these are but ideas, i am but a
i’d like to say im learning, and striving to see my
self through it.
i’ve leapt and stayed and, i’ve also lost my balance.

my self and i,
i think we’ve found a sort of balance.
we have waved off the valance.
this veil of presence.

oh, maybe the way we are is hereditary…
or, maybe we are the way we are because of some old
karmic struggle we just can’t see clearly…
a good part of all this would be the ones we hold
dearly, side to side, daily and yearly.

we can’t hear each other clearly.
we just can’t hear each other clearly…
we fight thinking what we’ve been taught to believe is
right, for us, it is – in our plight.

we must turn it around,
permit proper sight.
take the shadows, bring them to light!
i wish i may, i wish i might,
every soul in the world tonight, finds their place.
a sacred sp*ce to sleep, to speak, and to make peace
with that which they need.

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