act ii: creationed lyrics – white arms of athena

let’s pick this up, not from where you left off;
but from where it was taken away from you.

now let’s stop. you have just moved on.

now, let’s pick up from where we just left off.
make a game!
make a game, observe only this and once either way.
young child, entertain!
time is of your molding!
it’s your game to play!

keep in mind your heart and others, while moving; while
moving about the map.
panoramic or peripheral.
figurative or literal.
instill in your self a sense of pride, and just take it
all in stride.

we could all open up the sky.
separate from all a single sp*ce,
this we will call creation…

take the things you believe you need to succeed…
now, see them here in front of you;
now place them in front of you; in moments of time.
“these i will see, but i will not know completely why.”
you will know when, and you will know how.
find your creation, create, or be created.

its funny, it can all be one big joke….
if we can take a life, or even live a life, we all must
be able to take a joke.

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