act ii.ii – to her spawn in full submission lyrics – darkside of innocence

[narration line:]
“impelled by cruelty, aneon’s infernal black seed,
as complement, born was this misled child that sighed
in misery”

and how cursed she dreamt
silently wandering among the d*mned
whilst an horrible drama enlightens
they slightly ablaze, in a chaotic plight

seared she dwelled to cast oblivion
ruined, as laila ought to reign in chaos
an agonized tormento for the empire of gods

[character speech – people:]
“oh dear goddess sophia
spare us by the hallowed mercy of yours!
from this endless devastation
write anew our fate to a peaceful course…”

and with smeared blooded hands
to thy holiness we faithfully vow

whilst her, o’ empress of mine
as a bright shadow flew onto unseen
just barely
barely like thy heretic queen!

[narration line:]
“completely in remission, who speaks rash of vagrancy
diabolically unleashed, so it may fulfil his legacy
perverse submission that feeds his fantasies
shall it be accompanied by h*llion symphonies?”

it is thy wish, to again never return
instead, may thy eyelids before our soreness
just remain…
remain closed at once?

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