addicted lyrics – demetri yates

(1st verse)
step n da club, fresh 2 death and somin hit my eye yo,
s*xy chick standing at 5:4
i might go, and hallow,
2 not make her eyes roll,
i show her how i roll,
bentley coop parked outside let her know dat a young n*gg* got doe,
look shawty get low,
like how she shakin it,
and out of every gurl n diz club, she iz my favorite,
so gurl take a sip,
of dat volka, itz on me,
djy has tons full of money.

gurl, let me show u how i kick it
money cars and clothes and of course yo digits,
come 2 my office, let me give u dat business,
ya boy yates done got her addicted [2x]

if u ready, c*m & c*m & get it shawty,
if u ready, c*m & c*m & get it shawty,
if u ready, ready, c*m & c*m & get it shawty.
if u ready, c*m and get it.

(verse 2)
gurl know she rollin wit a hustla, i’m da sh*t
but she make me even betta, call me fabolous,
and i’m iced out, da main attraction,
got her doin exotic things,
next thing u know imma have her talking a different accent.
i i i iz da king
she she she iz da queen.
yeah datz picture perfect,
now gurl gone and work it,
slide down dat pole,
and lose control,
and i promise, i’ll neva put u on hold,

(chorus) [1x]

hook pt 2
gurl let me show u how i kick it,
gurl let me show u how i do it.

(3rd verse)
come up n my world,
and for u other n*gg*z diz iz my gurl,
yeah, always do her right,
think twice,
put her life b4 my life sike,
i like her, but don’t get it twisted,
i just come to visit,
she want me to hit it,
unlimited tickets,
i don’t know wat she sippin,
but… i done got her addicted.


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