afterglow lyrics – garbage

an eternity around the afterglow
of a mighty stars remains
weightlessly the ellipse is mastered
in an unconscious awakening

huge, with senses coming to life
in this hostile gamma-burned void
unremembered and vaguely felt
by the pulse of the lava-heart

a giant deformation of stone
the lifeless nature unhinged
aware of alien movements
and ready to seal their doom

malicious seductions of fire
are collecting greedy desires
to saturate the hungry mind
with the agony of aspirations

(lead hilbert)

strange logic applied
weird thoughts collide
this rocky worlds degeneration
an evolutionary abbreviation

(lead hilbert)
(lead mai)

bound to the revolution
in confined const*tution
feeling an omnipotent drifting
the laws of physics shifting

the unwritten chapters ahead
where futures branches are spread
within the life-span of the universe
is time for mental powers to disperse

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