afterparty lyrics – ghostface killah

[intro: method man]
d*mn… yo, yo

[method man]
woke up in the morning, like ten a.m
walked p*ssed the listerine, went straight for the gin
osama bin laden on my chinny chin chin

[ghostface killah]
yo, meth, the mailman!

[method man]
yo, ghost, let him in!

[ghostface killah]
will you sign, mr. ghostface, package for a friend,
right by the x, my bad, here’s a pen

[method man]
gucci flip flops, i box my way to the kitchen
my keys is missin’, my trees is missin’
no more parties, cuz doc need to listen

[ghostface killah]
cuz something in my closet, go look (he’s a p*ssin’)
i cursed this b*tch out, we be laid back

[method man]
half a box of cereal gone, my milk’s warm
mad strong, this is john john, pro and con phenomenon
stretch with a morning yawn, party ’til the break of
ladies throw your faces on, sing it when the break come

[chorus: method man (ghostface killah)]
each (meet) son (see)
boats (suites) dough (beats)
no cat give you these, rap flow triple g’s
meth, ghost, killa beez, you know we ride

[ghostface killah]
wu-tang, the best rap group of all time
rush little shotgun, rest around nine
refrigerator, fish and sweets with no swine
dirty and meth guest room with four dimes
and u-g. had a master headache
him and genius flew back from, uganda black, gettin’
that cake
where divine at? wine at
tell a dj to rewind that, killa killed it wit a blind
dime sack, you know we blew that wit the cognac
them bowling ball lead head n*gg*z, we call them p*wn

[method man]
i say my girl, like to party all the time, ghost
spend up my ends, every week, she always crime broke
thank god it’s friday, i just got paid
feelin’ good like i just got laid
the next drink’s on me, instead of, oh god, you think
white girls they comin’ out, like they pink on e
so you better get the party started, we get it crunk
we got the ‘dro and hypnotic, them kids is puffin’
is where it’s crackin’ at, street is you p*ssin’ that?
mami’s is grabbin’ *ss, johnny, i’m grabbin’ back
you know my habitat, you know my peoples
if you wit me, where you at
there ain’t nothin’ compared to that, come on!

[chorus: method man (ghostface killah)]
each (meet) son (see)
boats (suites) dough (beats)
no flows ill as these, him and ghost, n*gg* please
meth, ghost, killa beez, you know we ride

[hook 2x: method man (ghostface killah)]
i got me some seagram’s gin
everybody got they cup, but they ain’t sh*t there
(these cheap m*th*f*ckas be grown *ss men
tight m*th*f*ckas finish your sh*t then they bounce off
with them)
come back again, drunk off your gin
and when they try to get you for they ends, that’s no
that’s no friend, eh, eh

[outro: method man]
yeah, greedy m*th*f*ckas, always wanna get high
but never wanna buy, first one to come to the party
last one to leave, man, f*ck all that
aiyo, mr. streetlife, tell ’em where we come from man..

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