ain’t gone change lyrics – cormega

i ain’t forget the hunger pangs
stomach growlin like thunder and rain
fame calmed the savage that i once became
my status wasn’t established from trying to get a name
it came from serving addicts lead and automatics bang
my physical form grew stronger in a riker’s island cage
only as to weaken so many of my people
p*ssed away like leaves in the wind
or kids blowing ashes from trays
i possess the ghetto essence of that which i portray
i’m an emotional chamelon, see how i adapt to pain
before we enjoy the sun we must first get past the rain
a lyricist similiar to donnie hathaway
clearly superior to many all i really lacked was fame
the +true meaning+ that fact remains
my presence is felt like the knicks when patrick reigned
i’m living now, f*ck back in the day
does freedom have a meaning if you trapped in your ways
i’m queensbridge most respected rapper
that ain’t gone change…

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