alive lyrics – fallen angels

i’ve been tortured
by facts and memories
i lost all i had
i know there’s no fate
i don’t believe in love
i’m not worried
i don’t need anyone
to chase for living
i don’t need no money
to survive
i’m all alone
the pain i feel now
was ac*mulated
along the years
and now it hurts me
like thousand needles
in my skin
i need no advice
’cause i know they are
cause without effect
i’m all alone now
but i’m alive
my blood has no taste
this means i have no fate
life thought me how to fight
and now i know i have a light
a way to go
a life to know
a soul to show
someone to follow
until my life shuts down
and darkness fills my veins
i’ll be alive
if i’m alive
wouldn’t i have a goal
to reach
but i’va walked this land
and was unable to find
this enchanted place
i will continue walking
won’t give up from searching
won’t die while i’m alive
alive i am

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