all day all nite lyrics – one voice

ever since u came into my life
i been so exicited
’cause u treat me right
i feel so good inside
i’m so delighted
u hook me up
u shook me up
and u broke me off
now i give my love 2 no one else
u get it all
(boy you’re always on my mind)
every kiss
every time i see u boy
i want u more
(i think about u all the time)
until the end of time
it’s u and i
all day and nite * all day and nite
all i wanna do is spend my time with u
because u sreve me right
in a way n*body else can do
u treat me like a queen
and i can never get enuff
all day and nite my baby
u break me off * all day all nite
all day all nite (repeat)* since i got u babe
u never strayed or played me baby
u never done me wrong
you’ve always treated me like a lady
my friends try to tell me that you’re not 4 real
but they need to go
’cause they don’t know how i feel
(i get a rush when i’m with u)
every kiss
every touch
every time the mood is right
it’s u and i
(u r all i want to do)
i don’t want no one else
just u
and i * i’ll give u all my love
i will give u all my love 4ever
just stay down with me
4ever and ever
(repeat from the first “*” till fades)

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