all day everyday fantasies lyrics – destruction of a king

sitting here under a tree, compose my thoughts to satisfy
me. i asked her to touch, to wrap her lips around it, but
she said, “i’m not just another sl*t!” i see these girls,
these f*cking girls, and i cannot control my confidential
mind. i want to lay her down and show her what i’m about,
let us start by playing and let me start by saying. i
want to hold her by the hips and start with a tender
kiss. i hit them digits one by one. i got that curvy body
laying and ready, let’s take this fast, let’s take this
slow. hot and heavy, f*ck. make that p*ssy wet and make
that p*ssy c*m, until it’s all on my c*ck and i’m still
not done. and i’m still not done. feed my addiction
because i’m f*cking it like the rest, i’m f*cking like
the rest.

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