all you need to know lyrics – carolyn dawn johnson

all you need to know
(cdj/matraca berg)

i’d like to sleep in on sat*rdays
but i hate to miss the good yard sales
in my dreams i pay a buck for matching lawn chairs
i don’t like people who are rude to waitresses
i like to leave a big tip ’cause god knows i’ve been there

i ain’t no angel baby, far from it!
but i never broke a heart, just for the fun of it
that’s all you need to know
a little mystery is not so bad
what you don’t know won’t hurt you, i can promise that
that’s all you need to know right now

i used to cruise down on main street
i wished i had my own boyfriend
i like to watch your hands while you’re driving
i like the way you smile when no one’s watching
i have to catch myself here i go flying

there’s so much moreâ?¦â?¦and it’s all worth waiting for!

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