always a friend lyrics – ray charles

you are always a friend…
someone i can talk to.
always a friend
someone i can always turn to
time and again…
[?when’s] my whole world
has caved in..
you are always a friend…
someone i can believe in
always a friend..
someone i’ve been needing so
[?whens all?] at an end
so i can lean on
every now and then
we’ve been friends from the begining
i loved the way you smiled at me
oh can’t you see…. i’m winning
now my only wish
is that someday…
i will be…
always a friend
someone who will always love you
always a friend
someone who’ll be worthy of you
right from the start
you and me together,
the two of us , forever
seeing in you the love
i wish you’d see in me…
let it be…
always a friend…
let me be…
always your friend.

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