amazing grace lyrics – jars of clay

i grew this heart into a drifter
i never felt the roots i bare
i sold my sight, oh brother, sister
for a mountain of fool’s gold, it’s gone
only god knows, god knows where

my soul was restless for redemption
my feet were lookin’ for a place to stand
well, i ain’t got no life
and you know i ain’t got no money
just the faith of an empty hand

amazing grace, i feel you coming up slowly now
like the sun is risin’, heat on my face
oh love that keeps on shinin’, don’t let the shadow come
ya know i gotta feel your healin’ rays

i hitched a ride, i was a beggar
i had murder on my hands
i neede water to rinse these stains
but only blood could remove what’s spillin’
and pardon me the blame

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