amerikkka’s most wanted lyrics – ice cube

ice cube with the lench mob, i got it goin’ on
a n*gg* that’s livin’ in the city of the criminal zone
one time can’t keep the law in order
‘cos everybody’s goin’ crazy for a quarter

you’re tuned in to the number one crew in the area
the way i’m talkin’ i’m scarin’, ya
i’m darin’ ya to raise h*ll and bail and brag and sag
or beat down for ya flag

‘cos if you is or you ain’t a g*ngb*nger
keep one in the chamber
‘cos you’ll get them thangs put on ya son
ice cube has got the 4-1-1

all the ol’ school house fellows are crooks
so i get jealous looks
they keep thinkin’ did my hair grow?
will the boys ‘n’ the hood have to beat down ice cube?

h*ll no, i’ll static son, you’ll see it’s okay
i keep my 9 anyway
for the day one of my homies wanna squab
i’m still rollin’ wit the lench mob

amerikkka’s most wanted

back in the day i did my share of dirt
sometimes i got away clean, sometimes people got hurt
but if you know me, you know that i’m liable
to bust a cap ‘cos it’s all about survival of the fittest

i’m a menace crook
i did so much dirt i need to be in the guinness book
from the sh*t i took from people
i reap all your fat sh*t, jack, back to the criminals sect

i leave crew after crew but they can’t catch me yet
‘cos i’m slick and slippery
they can’t get wit me, cops ain’t sh*t to me
i can’t dig a pig so i drop the dogs
and sweat ’em like sweathogs
and get mad, mad ‘cos i’m the n*gg* that flaunt it
amerikkka’s most wanted

aiyo, here’s what the poster read
‘ice cube is wanted dead’, that’s all it said
i put heads to bed and fled the scene wit all the green
hear shots and si-reens

when i feen first they yo’ rings, now they my rings
so give it up punk and then i just
put another jack in progress, it’s the american way
‘cos i’m the g a n g s t a

ice cube, a motherf*ckin’ cut-throat
and tried to catch the early bird but they slept, so who gets the worm?
and if i’m caught in a trap, you know i’ma beat the rap
with a payoff, cop gotta lay off, fbi on my d*ck, stay off

i’m not a rebel or a renegade on a quest
i’m a n*gg* with a ‘s’ on his chest
so get the kryptonite cos i’m a rip tonight
‘cos i’m scarin’ ya, wanted by america

aiyo cube man, they on your *ss

word, but who the f*ck is heard?
it’s time to take a trip to the suburbs
let ’em see a n*gg* invasion
point blank for the caucasian

c*ck the hammer then crack that ol’ smile
take me to your house, pal
got to the house, my pockets got fat, see
crack the safe, got the money and the jewelry

three weeks later, i’m at the p a d
had a little fly *ss b*tch wit me
sittin’ in a dig, yo it couldn’t be
whattup g? saw my face on tv

d*mn, oh sh*t! i didn’t know i lucked out
struck out, i gotta get the f*ck out
pack my bags and tried to hit the door when
the ol’ b*tch down the street must’ve turned me in

‘cos the feds was out there ten deep
i got h*ssled and gaffled in the back seat
i think back when i was robbin’ my own kind
the police didn’t pay it no mind

but when i start robbin’ the white folks
now i’m in the pen wit the soap on a rope
i said it before and i’ll still taunt it
every young brother where the colour is most wanted

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