amidst labyrinthes of depression lyrics – crimson moon

as i journey to my darkest depths of my mind
and my soul to escape my earthly woe, i descend to my depths.
to live on is to bask in pain. misery is thy mortality.
i find myself amidst labyrinthes of depression.

i wander the endless hallways, bewildered by my thought.
in the darkness of the labyrinthe, i am one with my inner self.
with memories of pain and misanthropy, i long for these walls to be my grave.
i embrace my shadowside in the darkness of this realm… with a razor to my wrist.

but there is a light, mighty lucifer, the light that is within darkness.

guided by thee i embrace my eternity of pain to live through my life in depression,
i find the deepest of thy self. i wander the halls of this labyrinthe
of pain searching no longer for light. the only way out is to die!

i walk the shadowed path clouded by storms of anguish,
the earth is my d*mnation and rains upon thy fields of sorrow.
but birthed in the root of darkness, thy wisdom shall sprout
the tree of true knowledge.

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