amnesia lyrics – wasteland massacre

she had velvet skin
but life…turns against like despairing waves.

where is the horizon which separates truth and pain?
where is the end of the line?
if she had known where the end of the line was
sirens would never leave her mind.

all the strength squandering her veins
vanished in the rain where she fell into filth

those unforgiving beings denigrated her bliss
and set fire to her goodness
they took all about her life, all about herself
where is the end of the line?

this is the scent of self-destruction
where everything ends: there is no future
is there a place for all the insane undead?
this is her way: a path to oblivion

find a way to recognize her face
tainted by shapeless scars and burnt by misery
say her name and she´ll awake from h*ll
pain still will be the same…sirens stole her memory

and now she´s trapped on a white cage
days go by inside a hopeless cell
with no pictures of her life, of her past
say her name but she will stay in h*ll
and in her rat trap there´s only a window in the door,
she´s away from home

sirens are outside this cage
amnesia it´s a shadow hiding her rage
she had a velvet skin
but life it turns against like despairing waves…

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