amok lyrics – deviated presence

through the world i guide my eyes in despair, hate and wrath.
one last time i will arise from you sc*m.
you forced me to go this way, no choice is left,
cannot lose anything anymore, living only for the moment and affection.
this night everyone’s my target and my heart tells me to kill.

(running amok, letting go my sanity.)
now that the end is near
you’re possessed by your fear,
the moon is shining bright
h*ll is near – how do you feel?
are you alright?
that the end is near
you’re possessed by your fear,
close to the eternal night
for your death there will be no fight

your whole lifetime you’ve failed, denying to see it.
nothing you are, nothing you will be.
when i leave this place there will be no lifeforms left,
when i wake up i will be all alone
and peace will reign the realm, pleasant,
this is the way the world should be…


nothingness, the best i can achieve, so i try,
negative result of the past made what i am.
the weapons spoke, final words cried out to the sky,
reminiscences for me on the way to
a new beginning, beautiful solitude,
to die in my last triumph.

my time is gone, departure into beautiful morningrise, ascending to my destiny…

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