an electronic fugue for the imminent demise of planet earth lyrics – exit-13

[track #13 was digitally mastered using the spl vitalizer, and sony]
[dal-1000 in conjunction with the sony pcm 1630. all efforts were made to]
[exceed typical limitation of 16 bit linear digital technology compression,]
[limiting, and equalization curves have been created to deliver maximum gain]
[structure. the pcm 1630 master tape for this recording was printed with]
[continuous overlevel indication (ol) at the request of the artist/producer,]
[this cd is not in accordance with sony-phillips red book specification, nor is]
[this practice advisable in the process of cd manufacturing.]
[please exercise extreme caution when utilizing this compact disc on]
[consumer grade high fidelity playback equipment. relapse records, their]
[affiliates and/or *ssociated manufacturing facility will hold no]
[responsibility for power supply component, recording, processing, loudspeaker]
[or other, transducer malfunction failure and/or destruction of referenced]

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