an honourable reign lyrics – bury tomorrow

reign upon me, show me how i will survive.
try and tell me a way to feel alive.
bring it back to life, to whole new heights and tell me what is needed.
i know you’ll guide me home down this darkened road.
rain upon me, shower me with the tears of salvation.
hold me close, hold me near.

i find myself another year spent facing a wall…
my life; our path has never been shown, but we move on.
fighting to keep our reign from them.

we will fall into the blacker sense of reason.
choose your side.
i hope to god you pick the right one this time.

we are the crown!
we are the crown!
stand up and scream it loud!
triumphant; immovable.

in darkness we find ourselves.

i knew we would pursue the right path, even if it was long.
we haven’t changed, we stay the same; ever strong.

show me the new day… know as long as our hearts are beating,
we will always find our way.

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