an overview lyrics – gun show

this restless heart step into light, breach the darkness.
a startled mind cease your sleeping, steady your

this restlessness longing for better circ*mstances.

(bring me before whom i adore with a heavy hear and a
trembling voice.)

“being blunt is something that has never come easy for me
and controversy
is not in me naturally. conflict is a word i’d much
rather avoid, but the
things i’ve seen leave me no choice. that the truth of
the gospel cannot
be ignored. i will not sit back and watch the lies
perpetuate. there are
problems that believers and nonbelievers in christ choose
to ignore. i am
tired of it sick and tired of it. so with this
discontentment in my heart
i will do my best to bring these lies out of the dark and
if it be gods
will this restless longing for better circ*mstances will
open someone’s
eyes. i am just a humble seed barer i can only plant
those seeds. may the
almighty send many, many to water them for me.”

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