and begins the tragedy… lyrics – dimness through infinity

“darkling shadows in hiding
the latest beauty over the blue wings
of the nymph…”

so tragic
how can dark tunes call me
so creepy
where i need for dreaming

“only witness – the lonely moon, in a dither
the fallen, the dismal guagmare
but i’ve gone…”

woe: something winks into the nimbus
my coldest breath splits the darkness
and begins the tragedy
autumnal ruin…

“where the darkest water of nymph
beckons the woodland nenuphars
the fallen drinks that never ends
velvet shroud for all the times,
all the lands…”
celestial gleam’s flown through eternity
i deny myself this time, my dreams

the confidence, regret, a rememberence
infinite eyes of dying existence

insanity, ever bleeding

daylight dazes on
my soul, my heart…

dark euphony tells the forgotten tale
dramatic poem
enchanted dream’s torn apart

the words from infinity…
loneliness that drifts me
as far as thought… never i see
but the tragedy begins…

/ dimness through infinity lyrics